Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Scene 3 Playblast

This is just a quick playblast of scene 3. Originally it would have been scene 4 but I'm probably going to cut out the short transitional scene 2 (where he's walking through the castle) to save on time. Time is an issue! I'm far behind schedule at the moment, this one scene taking 4 days to complete and I'm still not happy with it yet. I started with the hardest though so hopefully the others will take less time. As I said, this is just a playblast of the animation, not the final render, to get an idea of what the final render might look like, check out the first and last cuts. I'll also be posting an animatic made of animation stills and blocked out posing.

So, if people can please tell me what they think and point out areas of improvement I'd be very grateful.