Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kitty gets dropped

Here's a playblast of the first few scenes. The man kicks the cat but the cat doesn't budge and instead tries to sneak back inside. The man picks the cat up and drops it into the wet outdoors.

Reference videos

Story wise, I've followed Ed hooks, each character acts to achieve an objective, overcoming an obsticle. The cats objective at first is to go outside, its obsticle is the door. When he sees the rain, that becomes his new obsticle, new conflict with the situation. His objective changes to going back inside and his obsticle is now the man, who he has to sneak around. The man's objective is to put the cat out, his conflict/ obsticle is with the cat itself, who doesn't want to.

For this one I really tried to get across the mood of the cat, cats swish their tails for lots of reasons but mainly when they're angry. I also tried to represent the weight of the cat when picked up and dropped. I've noticed that when picked up around their belly they tend to just go fairly limp and not struggle. And obviously when dropped, cats always land steadily on their feet.

I like the movement of the cat, and the weight of it, I think the drop could be sped up a little though, at the moment its a little feather-like. After showing it to my tutors they also made a few suggestions including have the cat turn around more before cutting for continuity.

No cats were harmed in the making of this animation, a few people were though...

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