Saturday, 1 May 2010

Scenery and L5 Contribution

I wanted the house to be 2 storey, an upstairs bedroom would have more of an impact if the waterline ends up under the window. I wasn't sure how realistic I wanded the house to be and what sort of shape. I did a quick test on a tall cartoony building.

Even though the height of the rooms is in proportion, it makes the house look too tall. I began to look into roof dormers to bring the needed height down a little.

Something like the house in family guy, but not quite as big.

Or like the house in UP but not quite as old.

This is my result, the textured version.

I created a simple scene file for the first couple of scenes where the owner chucks the cat out into the rain. For the sky I just mapped a sphere with a stock image of a 360 degree cloudy sky. For the rain I used paint effects for a simple 3D rain effect. I could add rain in after effects later on but I think this rain looks fine for my purposes.

I decided to make the top windows a little wider

I rigged the curtains with a blendshape so that they would appear to open just by moving a controller. I had experimented with maya's nCloth for this but it made the scene far too heavy.

Curtains test

Modelling the bed with a box modelling technique and beveling the edges.
The curved head board of the bed was made bt extruding a face along a curve and mirroring it to the other side.

For the bed cover I used Maya's nCloth to simulate draping material but then frose it in place so its just a polygon mesh.

Will from the L5 class moddled this bedside table setup for me.

I put textures on the objects to match the bed. The picture frame holds a picture of the cat in a sitting pose.

Another L5 moddled a lamp for me too, but I found it too high poly to use in my scene.

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