Friday, 21 May 2010

Work in progress

Here's my current work in progress, I'm still to animate the last scene (where the cat's inside looking out) and make a few improvements to the other scenes but its looking good so far.

Reference videos

Adding sounds, even if they're rough really helps to see how the final composition might feel. I think the man's shocked reaction could be exaggerated a bit more, perhaps by having him do a double take.

I veered slightly from my original storyboard where the cat is on the other side of the glass looking scared and trying to get in, by having the cat come in through the window. This was mainly because after modelling the house, I realised the shot couldn't quite work in that way without having the cat stand on something, only there was nothing for him to stand on, only water.

After watching this though my tutors gave me the idea of having the cat float by on something- a bin lid perhaps looking pretty scared. The next scene could still show the cat inside, without the need for actually showing him jump inside.

Another suggestion was to (between the scenes of chucking the cat out and waking up) have the man dream of water or fish, something to hint at the ending without giving it away completely.

I still need to find someone to do the voice over 'Don't let climate change take you by surprise' and 'Find out more at'. I don't think I'll have time to actually make the website before the deadline, but its on the books, I'll design a few sample pages to how it could look.

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